Nanbu Bijin



Nanbu Biijin, formerly known as Kuji Shuzo, is located in the southern part of Iwate Prefecture in a region called Nanbu, known for its lush, beautiful natural reserves and fine water. This is truly a local Iwate sake since the rice, water, yeast, and brewery workers are all from Iwate. In fact, they built the brewery right around the well they discovered to protect their vital water source. Toji Yamaguchi even spreads his knowledge locally by teaching student Tojis at the university.

Brewery Facts:
Brewery Name: Nanbu Bijin (founded in 1915).
Brewery Location: Iwate Prefecture
Toji (Master Brewer): Hajime Yamaguchi
Brewery President: Hideo Kuji (father) and Kosuke Kuji (son)