Vintage: 2013
Bottle sizes: 750 ML
Country: USA
Region: California
Appellation: Santa Cruz Mtns
Wine type: White
Varietals: Chardonnay
Biodynamic: Practicing
Vineyard: Planted in 2004 with a total of 17.5 acres, Horseshoe Ranch is our most beautiful vineyard site. It is less than 1/2 mile from Alpine vineyard, but they are different in many ways. The ridge between the vineyards protects Horseshoe from some of the direct ocean influence but allows for similarly cool temperatures. More importantly, Horseshoe lies on a ridge of sedimentary shale called Monterey formation that has made its way to surface over the millenia. This lightweight, brittle rust-mottled shale is prevalent throughout the surface and soil providing for low vigor and outstanding drainage.
Orientation: Southeast facing at 1360' to 1610' elevation Geology: Monterey formation with intermingled limestone is 11-15 million years old (Miocene) Clones: 13 Pinot Noir clones, 3 Syrah clones; 4 Chardonnay clones
Soil: Top soils range from 6" to 20" with a base of sedimentary rock and volcanic ash
Viticulture: At Rhys Vineyards, we believe that real wine quality is produced in the vineyard not the winery. Driven by that belief, each of our seven vineyards is managed with a "spare no expense" viticultural approach that is based on organic and Biodynamic farming methods. Our goal is to naturally balance our vines while cultivating a vibrant and biologically diverse ecosystem in and around each vineyard. This philosophy of minimal intervention is mirrored in our winemaking.
Vinification: Consistent with our organic/biodynamic approach to viticulture, we believe that hands-off winemaking provides for enhanced vineyard expression and complexity. This expression is accomplished through a variety of means, all centered on the idea that minimal input equals maximum expression of place. Our process, from Harvest to bottling, is based on a gentle gravity system and our wines are never pumped, fined, or filtered. This gentle approach is intended to deliver the purest possible reflection of our vineyards’ unique character in each bottle.
Notes: The wines produced at Horseshoe are uniquely minerally, precise and focused. They offer an almost palpable tension that greatly rewards aging. Gorgeously complex nose of honeysuckle, jasmine and wet rocks. Very Intense on the palate with great acidity and a finely focused finish.
Publication: Wine advocate
Rating: 94+
Publication: Vinous
Rating: 93