California, United States

In 1972, a time when most California Pinot Noir was unremarkable, Francis Mahoney (who also owns Fleur de California) discovered that the relationship of clone and terroir may produce wines of exceptional quality and character, through breakthrough research with U.C. Davis. Among the first to produce noble wines from this renowned region, he continues to pursue his passion. Mahoney Vineyards blossomed from Francis Mahoney's desire to grow and produce Pinot Noir which would evoke in him the same passion as that of Burgundy.

Francis was one of the first to recognize the Carneros appellation as an ideal climate for Pinot Noir. Mahoney's winery, Carneros Creek has over 160 acres planted with Pinot Noir, and his state-of-the-art cellar is designed to exploit the best from each clone. The combination of the most modern technology and viticultural research along with a reverence for Old World methods, ensures the success of Carneros Creek as a leading producer of New World Pinot Noir.

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