California, United States


Rhys Vineyards aspires to make great wines from unique and expressive vineyards. In this pursuit, they select five different sites in the Santa Cruz Mountains for growing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. They believe that unique vineyard expression is the key to truly great wine, and they use the following practices in adhering to these values:

A relentless, spare-no-expense focus on producing the best possible fruit in the vineyard; Carefully selected cool weather sites that offer interesting and expressive soil character; Natural winemaking with minimal intervention.

These core tenets help them to produce ageworthy wines that emphasize vineyard expression, balance, fresh fruit, and concentration.

They manage their vineyards using a philosophy based on Organic and Biodynamic farming. Their goal is to foster biodiversity and treat the vineyard as a self-sustaining living organism. This biodiversity provides the vineyards with a balanced, natural immune system allowing them to minimize outside input to the vineyard and avoid non-Organic chemical applications. Most importantly, this natural environment enhances their grapevines’ ability to express the unique geology of their sites.

Slate Article: The pinch-me-brilliant wines of Rhys Vineyards by Mike Steinberger