At a Glance
  • The rice is grown locally in Akita and many of the brewery workers including the Toji work as rice growers during the season.
  • Heaven’s Door is certified kosher.

“Go local” is the motto of this Akita-based brewery; Asamai brewery only uses local Akita rice from a unique cooperative of 19 different local growers. They not only get quality rice from this cooperative but also quality brewery help! Four of their experienced growers (including Toji Moriya) also work in the brewery helping with everything including koji production, pressing and bottling! This is extremely rare for brewers, since most must look outside the prefecture for brewing help, and nobody takes more care in brewing than the guys who grow the rice. Ama no To draws its inspiration from Amaterasu, the Shinto Sun Goddess who brought light to the world and cultivated Japan’s first rice fields. The Magatama, the Shinto icon on the label, is a jewel of good fortune in Japan.