California, USA

At a Glance
  • The Bleecker wines are know for their exceptional value and high quality
  • Bleecker Chardonnay is blended from selct lots of wine to accentuate the beautiful qualities of California fruit, while remaining fresh, clean and vibrant
Of course, everyone is familiar with the phrase, “ when life gives you lemons, you make some [fabulous] lemonade!” Such is the case with Bleecker. Bleecker Chardonnay was born from a winery error in the shipping and blending of our Wyatt Chardonnay 2010. By accident, one of our winery partners shipped us some 2009 Chardonnay which was inadvertently blended into a tank with some 2010 juice. The first release of Bleecker Chardonnay, with its clean, everyday style at an even more delicious price was an instant success! We have since continued with the porduction of Bleecker, as it fit a price point and need for many of our customers.  A few years later we added a Bleecker Cabernet to the mix that followed in the same pleasing style while over delivering quality for the price.

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