Chidaine - Spain

Bullas, Spain

At a Glance
  • Montlouis master makes natural wine in Spain!
  • Very old vines of Monastrell and Tempranillo.
  • High altitudes all above 800 meters.
  • Simple straight forward glou glou wine.

The Chidaines, Francois and Manuela, have always spent their summer holidays near the town of Mula where Manuela’s family has their roots in Murcia, Spain.  After many years exploring the region and creating long time friendships, one of those friends – an amiable local named Paco - took them to visit the vineyards of the Aceniche Valley in the DO of Bullas.  The valley is full of vines, almonds, apricots, peach, quince and orange trees, not to mention lots of Mediterranean garrigue including thyme, rosemary, lavender, etc.

The vineyard is about an hour from the Mediterranean sea but is from 800-1000 meters above sea level. In the summer, the daytime temperatures can reach over 100F but evening temperatures will require a sweater.  In the winter there are always a few days of snow.  The soils here are deep with limestone and clay, the latter being critical for the vines to not suffer from summer drought.  Given the dry climate, they can farm organically, in fact with little or no treatments at all!

Francois instantly fell in love with these old vines of Tempranillo and Monastrell. In 2010, Francois and Paco, proposed a plan to a local grower to make wine from some of their vineyards and the grower agreed.  Francois ferments the two varieties in stainless steel naturally to bring out the bright red fruit aromatics of Tempranillo and to have soft gentle tannins from the Monastrell. Over the years, they have incorporated a little bit of whole clusters for added complexity. The wine is intended to be a simple and honest wine that transports you to Bullas. Perfect for simple meals, parties and Bar-b-ques with family and friends.