Shimane, Japan

At a Glance
  • Classic style brewery with the highest average milling rate of all Japanese breweries.
  • Yoichiro Tanaka, the current generation in charge, maintains the traditional sake line while creating some new off the beaten path brews.
  • Each sake in their lineup is brewed from a different type of rice.

Rihaku was named for a famous poet in China who lived from 701-762 and was famous for drinking a lot before writing. He was known to have said, "I drink a bottle, and can write 100 poems."

Founded in 1882, Rihaku proudly boasts the highest average rice milling rate of all Japanese sake breweries. The toji continues to use the same traditional methods as they did in the late 1800’s; except now they employ the help of selective technology which results in a better sake. Rihaku’s koji-making machine uses metal “fingers” to mix the koji every few hours, which allows for tighter control of temperature and moisture resulting in cleaner and more consistent koji. Rihaku is located in the Shimane Prefecture, the Toji is Mitsuo Yoshioka, and president is Yuichiro Tanaka.