At a Glance
  • Tiny brewery with only 3 employees.
  • Yamahai specialists.
  • Cowboy is not a cheesy Americanized brand name…the Japanese truly love Cowboy’s and this sake is bold and pairs well with heavy beef dishes.

Traditional but not bound by tradition, Shiokawa-san’s curiosity and scientific approach to brewing results in constant experimentation to make better sake year after year. This brewery is truly a family business, with only three employees: Shiokawa-san, his wife, and his cousin. Although Shiokawa-san first attempted making yamahai 14 years ago as an experiment, the demand for his yamahais have increased to the point where yamahai is now the majority of his total sake production.

Brewery Name: Shiokawa Brewery
Brewery Founded: 1912
Toji (master brewer): Kazuhiro Shiokawa
Brewery Location: Uchinomachi, Niigata Prefecture Brewery President: Kazuhiro Shiokawa