Kanagawa, Japan

At a Glance
  • Tensei is an old Sake brewery…but today it is much more – they make Sake, Beer and own a bakery and Italian restaurant where they use the yeasts from brewing for breads!
  • Song of the Sea is a rare opportunity to taste a sake made from the famous yeast #9 sourced from the original brewery that discovered it.

Kumazawa Shuzo was founded in 1872, and has been in the family for almost 13 generations. In addition to the sake brewery there is also a beer brewery, a Japanese restaurant, an Italian restaurant/pizzaria, a bakery, and an art gallery on property. This is a reflection of current president Mokichi Kumazawa’s strong entrepreneurial skills and true visionary outlook. Using his impressive pedigree, Toji Tetsuro Igarashi has evolved the brewery to produce only premium sake, and is also experimenting with aging sake in french oak barrels.

Located in Kanagawa, this area is known for its beautiful coast and laid-back, surfer vibe. The name "Tensei", in fact, means "heavenly blue sky" and is inspired by the brewery's coastal location, and is the brand name used for several international markets.

Brewery Facts
Brewery Name: Kumazawa Shuzo
Brewery Founded: 1872
Brewery Location: Kanagawa Prefecture
Toji (master brewer): Tetsuro Igarashi
Brewery President: Mokichi Kumazawa