Sicily, Italy

At a Glance
  • Fresh expressions of some of Italy’s indigenous varietals
  • Grillo and Nerello Mascalese wines that over-deliver at their pricepoint.

Vinaccio is a brand created by Birk O’Halloran and Karl Antle, the pair behind the California brand Iconic Wine. For Vinaccio, they’ve teamed up with winemaker Tim Manning, who in 2006 created a brand called Vinochisti. The idea behind Vinochisti was to source old varietals from Italy but to treat them with innovative techniques and natural winemaking methods, without following any convention or tradition. He uses the Vino da Tavola appellation for the wines which frees him up from having to follow any rules regarding typical winemaking or aging for those areas. Ten years later, in 2016, the Vinaccio brand was created offering wines at a value oriented pricepoint but following the same philosophy as the wines of Vinochisti. The red, from Nerello Mascalese, argueably one of the most important varieties in southern Italy if not in all of Italy, has dark fruit but the typical focus and acidity you should expect from Nerello Mascalese. The white, made from 100% Grillo, shows the potential of the Grillo variety. The calcareous limestone soil gives the wine verve and mineral undertones along with some typical fruit blossom aromatics. Both of these wines are great values and terrific additions to our portfolio!

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